Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


I think they were behind a good few of them


A boy Johnny Mockler! Take no shit!



“He hasn’t gone near a pub or takeaway since.” :smile:


Woodland is a fairly notorious surname due to one character a few years ago who ended up with one leg.


Adware manor (post collapsed roof)


Was the grub good?


I heard the story this morning of the carjack in newcastlewest last Tuesday by 3 askeaton townies - it turned out I knew the two.people who were in the car.
How do you put up with those scumbags in the town?


With great difficulty. Do they know who it was?



Many fine people living in Askeaton but they have to put up with those types of fucking animals. Tied to a post in a public area is what should be done to them.


When lads could sell up and move to Nenagh.


Seems they do. Second name is easy of course.
A couple of really decent people caught up in it.
Seems the reason was they were in a really old car which did not have automatic central locking


Flan Costello ditched his plans for a hostel and instead opened another pub


I saw a bit of work going on their recently alright.
Location is a bit shit for opening a “beautiful new bar”. I suppose his other venture is in a pretty shit location too.
Time will tell.


No carpet :joy:


It is certainly an interesting location to walk late at night after a skinful.


Be a brave man to walk from there up to Donkeys for a bag of chips at 11pm.


Is Donkeys even open that late?


That’s besides the point