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Students are thieving bastards I bet it was one of their own


Indeed students are the cuckoo bird of the human race.


You’d swear it was a new phenomenon, everyone knows you lock your room if you were having a party in college. If only to save yourself from some cunt puking in your bed


Or someone tying a used rubber and hiding it in some poor cunts pillowcase.


The worst story I heard about a houseparty is someone took a shit in a kettle :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


That’s a classic tbf. There was a group going around in my time and that was their party piece. They weren’t left in anywhere for a finish up unsurprisingly


What effect had that on limescale ???


I heard of a lad threw a used condom over the toothbrushes in the bathroom :roll_eyes:


Thats the way tis gone now


Wasnt there a guy on here who pissed in a ice cube tray?


The amount of helpless specimens who would leave the front door of the house unlocked through the night in student estates/villages was off the charts. You could pretty much help yourself.


“Ye may as well make tay for them!”


How surprising that you have it down to a tee then, you thick cunt.

And look, your interweb friends ladyboy Glas and the Cark cunt roll in with a comment. How tiresome.

Over to you now. Go on. Heres an emoji for you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


His charity sponsors the County Board and the hurlers and although he acts as if he might own them, and they reciprocate, in actual fact he doesn’t own anything. So there is no contradiction at all. In another country blocking rights of way would be treated as a criminal matter, odd that you would think otherwise. But you Cark boys were always great to bend the knee to the powerful upper class.


If your right of way was blocked why don’t you sue for it? Is it because you are a scared little loudmouth or because you’re only talking shit?


Its not ‘my’ right of way. Thats not how things work. It belongs to everyone living in the state.


If you used it you have standing to enforce it, but you are just an empty vessel.


You’re an awful soft cunt for someone who fancies themself as a hard man.

A right of way on private property so people can leave their dogshit, that’s a good one


Wouldn’t say boo to a goose when he comes out from behind the printer, a serious keyboard warrior


A right of way isn’t private property. Do keep up, cunt.