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Does a right if way exist so that people can walk tneir shittyarsed dogs where the fuck they want.
If JP McManus is breaking a law here you need to get off your stool and start rattling cages, perhaps some of the 18 under your thumb can help out?


A comment on another thread reminded me of a lady from one of the big recruitment companies who was being interviewed recently. They were discussing the results of some employment survey and they said Limerick was a funny case in that it had one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country but that it also had one of the highest number of job vacancies.


On that theme:


A lot of useless dolebirds in Limerick obviously


There’s a family living down the road from my home place. Three generations living in the council house. None of them have worked a day in their lives and never will. Medical cards galore too. Must be raking in the guts of more than 3k a week when it’s all added up without practically no outgoings.

Even at the height of the boom when Dell were desperate for people they still weren’t working.

Mind you when the politicians are out canvassing they are the first to have a pop at them for the inadequate social welfare system…


Great stuff. I’ve heard the whole building is gone already. Hopefully once they get the rent roll locked in place they can move onto the main project


Great news but…

There is no way a private developer can compete with the council backed developments. Over the next 10 years I doubt that there will be much private investment for commercial property in the city if the opera centre goes ahead. All availabkle office space will be backed by the council. A return to the soviet that we had briefly 100years ago. Some might say how bad? However there is some amount of debt being shoulded by the council (was it €57m from the EIB?). Its a massive gamble that will be landed at the rate payers and Tax payers door. The management that pushed it will have long retired with their guaranteed pensions.


Needs must. Nothing wrong with it. Private developers don’t exactly have a stellar record. In fact they are the whole reason we are at this point in the first place.


Good man @Aristotle


Yeah I suppose the tax payer ends up footing the bill either way. I just think it would be better to have skin in the game. The civil servants have fuck all to gain/lose


They have private companies doing all the building anyway so it’s not like the construction industry won’t benefit and if it all works out it could supply a nice additional income to the council in perpetuity


Is it Denis brosnan is running that show? Hes a fairly steady hand id have thought


He’s the figure head anyway. Not sure how much he’s involved but you’d hardly find a fella with a better record


Contacts I guess is what hes bringing to the table. Plans are great. Surprised no one has been on criticising the jobs announcement yet because it will make traffic worse or something

Them aviation finance jobs are decent gigs as well


Are you suggesting that people in limerick like to moan and engage in begrudgery ??


Ya must be the best paying industry of any. We aren’t as negative as you like to think mate. Just won’t tug our forelock to lord McManus.
Brosnan lends it a lot of creditibility


There won’t be a mid-level accountant left in practice in Limerick. They will hoover up every qualified accountant in the Midwest.

You’d be off your game to stay in practice


Would they be accountancy jobs? Assume some would buts its more banking type work is it not, albeit very niche.


Depends on the function, I know the GE companies in Shannon take loads of accountants


Glorified excel jockeys