Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


At least its an honest wage pal. A lot of cunts are doing worse. The hanging gardens project is fantastic news for the city.

Denis Brosnan has done a great job so far in fairness to him.


Unless you’re a partner thats a mugs game. Then again the ACCA is not recognised in companies most of the time my sources tell me.


Shure you’d get an ACCA qualification in a lucky bag. Am I right @ciarancareyshurlingarmy ?


I think we all agree that Limerick is booming. The place to be @flattythehurdler


Thats only a yarn the ACA boys spin


Plenty going on alright, hopefully the city centre will start to kick on now. Its badly needed.


Need to throw up a few decent apartments that young professionals would actually want to live in and the place would be sorted. The strand seems to be the only option at the minute


Fully agree…the cleeves bank site maybe an option there.

The lack of footfall is a big issue…it needs people with disposable income to live and work in the city. The crescent being the best shopping center in Munster with “free parking” doesnt help matters.

If they sort the Opera center site, the city has everything going for it geographically…I see huge potential in it personally anyway.


What about those apartments alongside the Savoy, I thought they were decent enough though i haven’t been inside.


Dead right.

And as for the Car Park Attendants…


Trying to compare us to the banana pickers. FFS.


Bean-counter snobbery :rollseyes:


The way I see it there are two types of accountants in the world. Chartered accountants and those that wish they were chartered


Know any accountants that have been employed in CAB?


We need to gentrify the Watergate flats. If you haven’t gentrification in a city you’re at nothing.


The round house has been hipsterised which is a start .


That was a great pub back in the day.


It was Indeed . It was a bikers pub for a spell after buddy’s shut ,


I used go there around 15 years ago, the odd time. No bikers, just one of those slightly rough working class pubs. Grand crowd back then.


I would’nt go near it as a result.

Suits a certain demographic who rather smell pints than drink them.