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Limerick has the highest proportion of local authority housing of any Irish city, as well as the highest rate of youth unemployment, suicide and marriage breakdown. A bit of gentrification would only be papering over the cracks.


I’m not saying it’s not a shithole. Just the city centre needs to push out the scummers.


Meh, typical of Clare commuters into Limerick who work, study and socialise in Limerick.

Always negative, fuck off with that shite, mate.

Mid west region needs to be harnessed with a city as the growth centre…take off your banner glasses.


Keep the summers where they are.Do ye want more of the cunts clogging up the main st in Dallas?


The moving out of the local authority housing in Limerick in the late 60s and 70 s to Moyross and Southill was not a success .


Gas. You’re the same lad who was against the proposed UL village development other week because it was outside city limits? Keep the tin hat on so and pretend Limerick hasn’t any issues if it makes you feel better. :rollseyes:


Clare CC wanted to build a new town on the Clare side of UL. Thats a shocking idea and I stand by being against that. Completly stupid parochial short sighted proposal.

Not a hope of it ever happening, and rightly so.


It was a better idea than fucking the cunts out to peaceful villages like Murroe. Regeneration has destroyed every town and village in Limerick County.


The new estates in castletroy like Evanwood and Bloomfield have to take in a percentage of council houses too from regeneration areas.

Playing the percentages, its probably better than putting them all into one estate and then offering the working people money to get out.


Is your objection based on anything other than it not being in Limerick? If so, your next trick will be to magic up the available space for this development.


More urban sprawl will only lead to the further detriment of the whole mid west region mate.

You need a center in the mid west for Clare, Limerick and North Tipp to compete with Galway and Cork from a regional perspective.

Building another shithole town like Shannon (without an airport) piggybacking off UL’s success is complete madness.


Keep them all in the one spot.Fuckin cunts wouldn’t work on batteries.It only takes one family of cunts to ruin a village.


Your second sentence makes sense, and the UL development would serve to promote Limerick as your mid-west center, rather than as act as any kind of separate entity.

The rest is ráiméis.

No answer either as to where UL might otherwise develop.


Limerick, Clare and North Tipp do need to realise that jobs will go elsewhere if Limerick as a vibrant urban center isnt promoted. Thats my argument, worryingly Shannon airports numbers are down vs Cork and particularly Dublin. That needs to be addressed bigtime.

A counterbalance is needed to Dublin obviously, and I think the mid west is well able to hold its own, once we’re all pulling together.


Mother Macs is actually a decent spot, you should give it a go, the clientele wouldn’t be what I’d call hipster from my two visits, similar enough crowd to what you’d get in Tom Collins really, great selection of beers if you’re the adventurous type


Your argument a minute ago was that any development outside the geographical limits of the city was parochial and short-sighted. Which, funny enough; is parochial and short-sighted.

No-one is arguing against Limerick doing well, a rising tide etc.


Can’t find the original thread but I see the Steps concert in Thomond Park has been cancelled.

Another failed attempt at a big event in Thomond Park.




In fairness, fucking Steps.

If you’re willing to pay for a decent act, you will get the crowds.


In fairness Thomond Park don’t “pay for a decent act” they just offer the venue to promoters. It’s the promoter most likely takes the hit.