Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


They wouldn’t fill Dolan’s


Big weekend in town, this Riverfest has turned into a decent weekend, weather is to be good as well


Is the gourmet chip van back?


I doubt it, this is a different festival, hopefully tne poutine man returns,
One of my favourite days ever on TFK, when somebody posted a fake picture of a lobster roll and the place went into meltdown :smiley:


Ask Andy Lee how hard it is to sell tickets for that place. Pink and Bruce were the most successful non rugby events there.


Amazingly famous artists sell better than a bunch of has beens


Explain Bob Dylan to me then and why there was a poor attendance at his concert, there was a larger crowd at JLS?


Bob Dylan was a has been and JLS were at the peak of their powers, this only enhances his point.

Seriously though, Everybody who’s interested will have seen Dylan before and not many will go back a second time


Andy Lee was a world champion at the time too. Enhances my point.


Because Bob Dylan hasn’t had a good concert since before you were born


Who’s Rob Dylan?


No idea mate is he any relation to Bob?


You seem to have a grudge against the man. Would you be an expert in all music and events. Or are you talking through your hole again?


Myself and Bob Dylan have bad blood going back years sure.


Is Riverfest on tonight chaps?




Positively 4th Street was all about you


You’ve got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend.


You should try the neighbouring watering holes for a bit of variety pal.

Buddys was brilliant and the Round House an adequate substitute. Then down for a feed to Friar Tucks.


Looking forward to a day in town tomorrow. The barbecue feast will be epic, washed down with copious amounts of porter.