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I hear the People’s Park was a bit of a disaster yesterday with the crowds. Anyone in attendance?


People’s park or Arthur’s quay park?
Was a massive queue at Arthur’s quay when I passed, was also a massive queue to see the navy ship at the docks


I walked through the People’s Park yesterday around 2pm and it was positively glorious.

You probably mean Arthur’s Quay Park. It’s too small for what they are trying to fit into it alright. Spreading it out along the quays up towards Shannon Bridge or over towards the Potato Market and City Hall would have made sense. However, this is Limerick, so instead they wedged in a few funfair rides in front of Penneys with two lanes of traffic trying to barge through the crowds on the other side.


As regular as clockwork


It was awful. I went down on Saturday for a look and the queues were nonsensical with fellas waiting 30mins in the heat for a burnt burger. All crowed around one person flipping burgers on a tiny grill… Fellas drooling with sweat pouring down their brows waiting patiently for the burgers to cook. There were a few small grills dotted around but I mean the planning was abysmal. Needless to say I went elsewhere for a bite. I went boojum which is thriving in it’s own right. I was very happy with my tasty burrito.

I took a photo of these gimps who seemed to be doing some sort of silent demonstration on cruises street for that ‘Anonymous’ organisation. Anyone know what this was about?


Arthurs Quay was fierce busy after the run but not completely mental, the sun was out so you’d expect that.
The kids wanted to do the zipline but the queue was hours long, in one of the joys of living in town the two oldest went in before ten this morning and did it in about 15 minutes


You went to BK for a whopper ?


Great crowds in Limerick over the weekend. The weather was class and a lot of money was spent.

Great to see, the queing in Arthurs Quay park was a joke, we said fuck that…went over for a pint in House.

First time going there since it opened, beautiful when you’ve the weather.


The people’s park is up by the railway station. Everything was on in Arthur’s Quay park, and yes, it was a disaster but better than that cunt of a spot it was in before.


Didn’t think House would be your type of place, I wouldn’t be gone on it myself


I was in 101 yesterday. A lovely spot.


It wouldn’t be at all generally, but it was grand outside on Saturday afternoon with the sun out.


Was in there myself, they really wedge the place out but its better than Nancys anyway


Commercial is my favourite of the new bars


It was early in the day when I was there. Does the upstairs area be open? Nice to see that kind of investment in the pub scene.

The commercial is a very good bar too, nice and simple but well finished.



Full of wankers for the most part. A ridiculous pokey place too. The totti is unreal in house.


Except here


Was open around 7 anyway not sure if it opens during the day. But ya get in early and get a table upstairs, so you don’t have to be standing with the rest of them.


It does food during the day.