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It’s a perfect location beside the taxi ranks and fast food restaurants. They do decent pints too.


Is House full of cougars ??


Yep. The standard of women in there for limerick is absolutely brilliant. Is the Icon still going?


The Enrights are very schrewd.


Don’t know kid . Too old for that craic now . A few in reens as good as it gets .




I can confirm that it is, mate. Was in there Saturday night…did smyths also before it.

Was happy enough that we avoided Nancys.


I can’t stand the icon. I tend to go against the mainstream grain though.


I probably will never set foot in there again, enjoyed it when I was younger though.


Might have rubbed shoulders with yourself in there. :open_mouth: I’d never been but I was well impressed with the place in fairness. On a day like yesterday, the location is absolutely fantastic too.


I’d say you love Costelloe’s.


I haven’t been there in maybe 5 years


There’s fuck all choice in Limerick, sadly.


It’s the best nightclub in Limerick sure


Fran must be the richest man in Limerick, after JP.




Davy Mann :smiley:


Him too


The richest Mann in Limerick


You never met Mike Mann so.