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Postmen aren’t that wealthy


Seen him play darts on tv


Mike Mann owns half of patrickswell.


The ref?


Half of nothing is nothing


No, Liam Mann’s brother, Co board lad




I think I’m right in saying there’s no outdoor area in house except for that extremely poky smoking area behind a high wall out the front?


Dunno, anyone who was smoking was standing outside the front door when I was there. There’s a narrow “Garden” section at the front alright which is open air, I didn’t get a pouch-of-Amber-Leaf vibe of it though.


Had dinner in House Saturday evening. Pure shite.


Ya, that’s what I thought, it’s dark enough inside as well, I was just wondering why it’s considered a particularly nice pub for the good weather


Give the wife a night off from the cooking and head out so.




Location. They have a few tables outside and I enjoyed a pint looking out over the broad, majestic Shannon to the leafy stretch of O’Callaghan’s Strand, with the not-too-screechy and not-too-out-of-tune notes of The Cranberries’ Zombie carrying up the street from a busker playing under that bandstand they’ve erected at Harvey’s Quay. Herself was loving it. Chicks dig water, man. The pint itself was pretty fair to middling, but that was kind of beside the point.


Is that the fella out the old Adare road? No wonder he has money, he’d pay no-one.



No surprise unfortunately. When a fuel company are on a 3 day week in winter it’s not a good sign.



This isn’t the Cork Weirdo/Sicko thread


It’s on the border of it.