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North Cork - in particular, out of all the oddballs that county produces - is full of absolute wrong un’s.


It’s like the land that time forgot up there.


County bounds matter fuck all, but I’d agree with you about that area alright, a few miles from Kilmallock isn’t it?


North Kerry likewise. The likes of ballylongford etc are absolute kips of towns.


14 miles.


Vile bastards to desecrate a church in this manner.



All scary, scary places.


Donkey Fords are opening a second shop in Ballycummin. I’m not sure how I feel on this.


There’s a pub in beside it called Alfie’s that I was in once for a bit of grub a few years back. Used to be Clohessy’s. I’ve no idea how it’s doing, it’s kind of its own little world out there in Ballycummin but it’s all beside that end of the Raheen Industrial Estate aside from the fact that there is no entrance to it from that road.


When the fuck did “Town” get a sushi bar


What’s this??

The SCR folly is looking great in fairness, they’ve really made a feature of it since it was pointed out here recently


Few months back I’d say. No idea how It’s still open. Never see anyone in there and they close early enough too I think


Ah, it’s NCW.
A super idea, not quite as good as the genius who opened a tapas bar in Drom though :smile:


that died an death too fairly quick. You’ll surely make an appearance for the Fancy Dress again this year :eyes:


I never miss it,



If the owner had prepared sushi for the Emperor of Japan the place would be mobbed.



Traffic is batshit insane this morning thanks to a crash on the N24. Stay safe out there guys.