Max bet- lay Netherlands

currently 13/10

free money


Agree wholeheartedly. Can’t for the life of me see them beating whoever emerges from the other semi-final…

Sorry lads but that is just ridiculous imo. The final will be too close to recommend max betting. Will be laying off some of my Hollland stake alright but they have a serious chance.

now 11/4

green up

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Sensational. This board just keeps giving and giving. We’re lucky we have so many experts here. :clap:

KIB Man. :rolleyes:

Good call - cannot understand how the market has swung so much myself, if Netherlands were 13/10 to win with both Spain and Germany left how the fuck are they 11/4 with only Spain left. Anyway sure I’ll get to lay some of the 1300 on Spain at 11/10 so happy days. Thought they would be 8/11 or thereabouts.

Hopefully the TTK can shed some light on it. Bout time we had a betting expert on here.

Eh because Spain have been favourites for the tournament from the start and favourites in every game they played. Of course the odds on the Netherlands will expand once their opposition is Spain instead of Germany. Clown.

Oh and super stuff NCC. More money for no work at all.

Cant remember exactly but the margin was very tight between Spain and Germany for the semi. Before both semis were played - Spain were 2/1, Germany 9/4, Holland 9/4 and Uruguay 12s or something. Cant understand how Holland who dropped into 13/8 after beating Uruguay have suddenly swelled to 11/4

I thought Spain even as favourites would be shorter for the final - 11/10 is very reasonable imo.

Well if your laying off, you’d want to be backing Spain to lift the trohpy, not win the game in 90 minutes, which is actually a best priced 4/7 shot/

ooops - cheers for that

spain - 4/7

Netherlands 6/4

spain a bit shorter than they should be imo but about right

For the kids on here = NCC recommended laying Holland to win the World Cup at 13/10 and is now recommending backing them to win the game in 90mins at 11/4.

Ergo Holland win the game in extra time or penalties - you lose.

FFS i hope none of the guests are reading KIB Mans contributions to this thread…


For once Dunph.I"ve got to agree.Plus 1. :blink:



Another winning tip for NCC. :clap: :clap: :clap: