Messi or Baggio?

Baggio, all day, everyday.


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If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were just starting this thread to have a go at Messi

Not true mate.

I’m also doing it to celebrate the genius of Baggio.

Messi took HGH to get to where he was.

Baggio got to where he was in spite of a gammy knee.

Baggio was as slow as a week week in ballybunion .

He was a pure footballer.

The mind > the body

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Which Baggio?


The mind wasnt great on penos in USA 94. Even diana Ross took a better penos than him

Brill footballer , particularly at Fiorentina . But lacked a yard and was mark able .

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Then Dino.

Then Sham.

Then maybe Messi.

The romanticism of Baggio, showing all of us who were dazzled by his brilliance that he was mortal too.

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How can you trust an Italian who isn’t a Catholic?

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Ah hold on now, Diana’s was horrific.

He didn’t convert to proddyism.

Indeed but he is in direct contradiction to The 10 Commandments with his worship of the false Gods.

What would Jesus, Mary and Joseph think?

Why do you have to compare them? Start a “Roberto Baggio Appreciaction thread” if you want

We may not agree with you Bob but we still love you as our own.