Another 34 bodies dumped on a street this morning by a drugs gang.

A heap of people died when a casino was torched a couple of week as well.

The levels of violence and deaths there the past few years must be surpassing most war torn nations. According to the BBC website there have been more than 40,000 killed since 2006. :o

Read a bit about the cartels recently and there’s a few decent docs on them. Fucking mental shit. The president of Mexico was saying in his UN address today that if wealthy nations cannot or will not reduce demand, then they are morally obligated to stop the enormous profits that are accruing to criminal organisations through the black market, i.e. legalise drugs. The Americans are far too retarded when it comes to their drug war to ever consider different approaches but the Mexicans may act unilaterally if the madness continues.

Could you reccommend any of those documentaries?

If I remember the names of the better ones I will. One of them was American made and was predictably awful. Plenty of good articles on them if you look around. It’s unreal. Bigger than the mafia.