Michael Healy Rae


They hired in some temp for the day and said your job is to dial this number for the next couple of hours. :smiley: Surely to fuck they can trace back to the number that made all the phone calls or they can contact the phone company and ask them for the phone numbers thats dialled the number in question, its not that fucking difficult to track it down.

The Healy Rae’s are the poster family for everything that is wrong in this country.


ya, id say theyre well able to track down the extension. A complaint to sipo might help


At least we finally figured out Art Foleys job


swing and a miss, runty :smiley:




I hear Mercedes driver Jackie goes canvassing in a clapped out old banger so he can related to the common man in Kilgarvan, that’s when he’s not using a horse and cart. :rolleyes:

Have no fear, this story will be explained to their loyal fanbase in Kerry as a media conspiracy from that shower above in Dublin.


I hadnt realised he wasn’t even an elected TD himself at the time. The Healy-Rae’s are quite the go-boys.


Healy Rae has used the media better than Malcolm McLaren did with the Sex Pistols. Getting on national newspapers, TV and radio for wearing a cap. These calls were just another part of his plan to get more media exposure. In the age we live in profile is everything, this conniving gombeen man knew this. The genuflecting Kerry peasantry bought into it, needing to look up to someone. It is all quite sad that the Irish people are reduced to this.


yerrah sure d’ya know yourshelve like, yerrah be god sure up they go boy ha.


Any of ye ever actually been in the pub in Kilgarvan?

One of the roughest dirtiest pubs I’ve ever set foot in.

Imagine 2 gas cylinders being placed within the small smoking area adn you’ll get an idea of the type of set up it is.


I’m pretty angry about this and it galls me that the electorate vote for such people. I genuinely think there’s a case for withholding the vote from constituencies that voted for the likes of Healy-Rae, Lowry and also Cooper-Flynn and others back in the day.


What about constituencies that vote for soon to be bankrupt property developers?


Those constituencies should be fine unless there was corruption involved in the example you reference.


This stunt will ensure an even bigger vote for this jackass come the next election.

‘Hoho bedad, remember the stroke he pulled with the phone calls boy. Pure genius, fairly sickened them jackeens. He has my vote anyways’


Hang the bastard by the phone cord. That’s the view from my area.


What area is that?

Matt Cooper had him on this evening. Michael plays the village gombeen so well it’s painful to listen to. He was secretary for his father at the time so had full access to Leinster house facilities but denies knowing anything about it. His father did send an email canvassing for support from all TD’s though. How can they not find the extensions that the calls were made from?


In the midst of an economic shit storm Jackie was sending the likes of this to cabinet ministers… :rolleyes:


some good news for you ss



Was cycling through the town the other week and passed by the pub, couldn’t get over the cut of it. It was like something out of the 70’s. Reminded me of a pub we had in Callan on the cross from the front :slight_smile:


Runty quoting directly from MHR’s first Dáil speech