Mike Ashley- Good Guy- EPL wankers on here shown up(Runt,Gola,Faldo,Braz)


The old Dunnes Stores ?


Victory for Mike at court today.


Big Mike has bought out House of Fraser.


Will House of Fraser be selling Slazenger t shirts now .


Be more in his line to give Rafa a few bob for players.


Rafa can keep them up on a shoestring, as he proved last year. They’re not gonna win the league, so why bother spending money. Mike is an astute man.


Only a matter of time before House of Fraser mugs are available.

The SportsDirect Mugs are huge


they certainly are


Can you censor that please?




Fat Sam or Pardew will be back in when Rafa walks. Mid December when Ashley pleads poverty prior to the Christmas window is my guess.
Ashley is a tremendous wum to be fair. He’s had Newcastle folk hopping like sausages in a pan for years now.


Yer all cunts😜


I donnay know


It’ll be a hitec business.


he destroyed Lillywhites anyway. Used to be a fine shop there in Picadilly.


What did he do to it bro?


Sent it downmarket pal. Used to be a fine shop.


So he took the shop along the same lines as British society.

Shrewd move.


You could look at it that way I suppose.