Mindfulness- Good Karma- Zen


Mindfulness is a load of bollix i have decided.


why is that mate?


I think how you use language can affect how people react to you. Words, pace, tone. Few set piece phrases to roll out are very useful

Not NLP but “ thank you for arguing “is good as is Presuasion


Doing something you really enjoy and are invested in is mindfulness to be. As I said before last Ten minutes of a match you are emotionally invested in is mindfulness


Give me a description exactly of what mindfulness is.


Its just old shit in new packaging.

Its simply about being thoughtful and kind to others. About think about yourself and taking time for yourself. Its about recalibration.

None of this is new


While I agree that mindfulness is hyped beyond belief, and as you say based on old ideas and common sense in many ways, I find it very beneficial to ground yourself in the moment and let the thoughts fly by and jot engage.

People have probably been doing that for years though.


Exactly. It doesn’t come naturally either. Its learned behaviour from experience.

So.e people never get it though


The body scan method which involves deep breathing whilst flexing and relaxing various muscles is very effective.


Stoicism is where its at guys


Seneca mate.


Just finishing meditations and I’l be straight onto his letters


Cc @caoimhaoin
This is sort of thing I meant



Minding Mum

Alison Canavan


Id mind her


2 days too late, but I dont mind picking it up too, if its much use?


Have not read that yet. But i know words are important.

Motivational interviewing is a really interesting process.

I was making the poibt though that NLP was debunked


The word ‘mindfulness’ is the most confusing description for what mindfulness purports to be. It has nothing to do with being mindful - it is actually about trying to escape the mind and the difficulties it causes us.


indeed…it means the opposite


The more accurate term is awareness as in being aware of your thougths and mental state and knowing how to interpret them in terms of reality. It’s quite difficult and takes years of practice and you never really get there. The problem we and all humans have is that the mind has not evolved to give us a true picture of reality, it has evolved solely for fitness (evolutionary fitness).