Minks,Stoats,Weasels and Tipp animals etc

Yeah a hedgehog.

No what sound is it

Sounds like someone blowing their nose :joy: I was doing an external one night and could hear it, eventually found half a dozen of them on a green.


Reminds me actually I saw a peregrine falcon(fairly sure) make clean shit out of a misfortune of a pigeon few weeks back in Foynes, flew off with the carcass when I disturbed it.


Couldn’t kill enough of the bastards and take out a few dozen seagulls while they’re at it.

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Was picking up some of the kids stuff outside just now and spotted something shimmying in the darkness looking for cover. Thought it was a rat at first but it stopped quick enough and was moving too slow. Got the phone to get a light and found this little fella hiding amongst a few bits thrown around. Never seen one this close before. Seems happy enough there


Dirty enough yokes, they’d be carriers of salmonella and ringworm. Don’t touch him or anything he was in or on.

They love wet catfood if you plan on feeding him

Informative. I left him off anyway and he’s nowhere to be seen this morning

He probably thought the place was abandoned- given the overturned wheelbarrow, discarded rake etc


After a hape of IPA

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Shoot the cunt.

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We can’t. They’re killing the grey squirrel, giving a lifeline to our red squirrel.

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Absolutely not. They are great yolks.