Missing People In Ireland


Is the Disclosures Tribunal on today?


I’m sure he is, even though he wasnt in newbridge on the day.

They might even try and link it to yerman who killed the Filipino girl.

In fact they’ll do anything but properly investigate the case.


The poor oul chief super on the news wouldn’t inspire confidence


Dont name any names but does he post on here?


I was under the impression that they didn’t know where he was but the link to him definitely being in Newbridge through Deirdre’s grandmother’s shop was tenuous.


So they know who done it?


That’s not what I said.

But the modus operandi is very similar to the case he was convicted for.


Sorry. I’ve no idea who you’re talking about.


Larry Murphy.


How can you come to that conclusion in the absence of a body?


Righto. Didn’t know he was a suspect.


I meant more in terms of the likely abduction method.

The lady in Carlow vanished as he knocked her out with a punch and pulled her into the car in a flash. Given the witness accounts of Deirdre she seemed to vanish in a flash as well.

Plus they are lone females of similar age within a relatively short distance of each other.


But we’ve no witness to the abduction, then all you’ve got is a tenuous victim profile based on a sample of one.


Fuck off with your facts Art, facts have no place in a court of law.



Did the spate of random missing women stop going missing once Larry M was inside?


how many are realistically attributed to him though? It seems that anyone who went missing was straight away linked to him regardless of any facts about it. Even the Sinnott girl in Wexford was linked to him at times, but the family have been more vocal recently about who did that one.


That was what I was on about with his known modus operandi. The Annie McCarrick case seems to be completely different to Deirdre Jacob as her likely killer appeared to socialise with her beforehand.

The Jo Jo Dollard one was most likely an abduction while she thumbed a lift and therefore quiet random. Murphy stalked his Carlow victim for ages before abducting her and given how it appears Deirdre seemed to vanish into thin air from outside her house, it would appear that she was abducted with clinical precision also.

While it is wrong to blame Murphy for all missing women, he was caught in the act of abduction and attempted murder of a lone female around the same general area so he has to be brought into consideration.


ah yeah, he is a fucking scumbag, but he has a bogey man reputation at this stage. Even since his release and with social media being the shite it is and all the screaming marys saying he is in such a town etc. and freaking out. Regardless of what he did or how any other woman went missing, he will always be linked regardless.

a quote from a newspaper report on Deirdre Jacob:


But the nature of the crime he was convicted for was truly abhorrent and the ‘efficiency’ with which he went about it, as well as his complete lack of remorse, including a refusal to seek treatment in prison would certainly put fear into a lot of people in this country given that he is walking around as free as a bird.

I wouldn’t classify the reporting of his whereabouts as being screaming marys. This guy is a fucking animal and if the court system was correct he would be six feet under by now.