Missing People In Ireland




According to the Irish Times,‘This suspect is from Leinster and has spent time in prison for violent crime against women.’


but it wasnt reporting of his whereabouts. It was complete scaremongering and he was seen in about 20 different towns over 3 countries at the one time.


Hopefully they get enough to nail the bastard.


I thought that was someone know to her?

@fran ?


Yep think they suspect her fella.


You might want to edit that to “someone known to her”


Didn’t an ex-partner of one of those women allegedly confess to a new girlfriend that he’d killed her? In Canada I think.


Yep. And is there a grandchild under the care of the suspect that the maternal grandparents don’t have access to or is that another case?


Another case


You might be mixing up the case of Anthony Lambe.


Does ‘I think’ not cover me?


You’d wonder have the cops done a proper Venn diagram of these murders? Is that covered in Templemore?


@farmerinthecity 1 @artfoley 0


I’m not.


An interview will have to be done with that man straight away!


It is the Fiona Pender case.

The chief suspect apparently revealed to a new female friend that he would kill her like he killed Fiona Pender who he buried in X spot.

As if anyone would be that stupid.

The search of X spot unsurprisingly revealed nothing.

@mikehunt - I am not sure which case you are thinking of. Fiona Pender was heavily pregnant when she went missing. You may be thinking of Joe O’Reilly refusing his wife’s parents access to their grandkids before he was sent down.


No, the thing about the alleged killers family having the children was discussed here recently. Definitely one of the missing women.


I think that could be the Fiona Sinnott case


Best copy and paste the article @padjo. Who knows what the Irish Times will edit out of it any minute.