Missing People In Ireland


Edit: see Farmer has already posted this

I think that was the Fiona Pender case


Talk about desperate for attention.

You’re the forum’s Vogue Williams.



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Yeah. Never heard of irony?


No it wasn’t me




trying to make sure that murphy wouldn’t be able to get a fair trial. I see that cunt Williams is behind the story


Forgive mu ignorance of the case, but why would that be Art?


I’ve no idea, but to heavily link his name to the story at this stage would give a defence lawyer a field day


So it’s just stupidity? Thought you were inferring something else.


nope, wouldn’t infer anything that implied either the cops or Williams had a modicum of intelligence.


So Murphy is living in the UK.
There is ‘not nearly enough evidence’ to extradite him.
But should he step back in Ireland he will be arrested.

Yet the guards and press decide to let Murphy know that he is the chief suspect. I would suggest that he was probably aware of this anyway.

This means that he has been provided with information now which means that he will probably never come back to Ireland and face questions over this crime.

Seems a bit stupid of the guards to alert him of this through the press.


You sound surprised at the stupidity of the Gardai?


Blatant abandonness of cars.


Unless… they would prefer he doesn’t return, have no evidence really in which case a masterplan.


It’s the guards way of saying, we are doing something, but not much. If they haven’t the evidence to extradite, they haven’t the evidence to convict so it’s all a pile of nothing really.

Can the guards interview him in the UK @artfoley?


Maybe. I would doubt it - but maybe.


they could go for a European arrest warrant, if this was more than a ball of smoke.