Missing People In Ireland


Guards hardly using Murphy as a decoy? Would that be beyond them? Probably


pity its taken this long to figure out murphy is the main suspect, ffs he’s been out for nearly 8yrs , I feel sorry for Deirdre Jacobs family , being led on another lost cause as what happened to trevor deely with these ‘new information leads’




Nice to see Robert Satchwell at the match yesterday.


Oh, I see her face everywhere I go
On the street and even at the picture show
Have you Tina?
Tell me, have you Tina?


Did they ever find anything out of that big dig they were doing in Cork for her? There was a hullaballoo about it on the news to cover up something going on in the tribunals the same day. Satchwell was peering in the fence at them digging.


The ultimate cold case.


Doesn’t seem to have been a secret to the locals anyway



Terrible that his mother passed away without knowing that they actually had found him


I never knew there was an unidentified body from around the time, never seemed to be mentioned in the stories. Great that they have some form of closure, even if there are still a million questions.


I would have known Gussie to briefly chat to.
Finally his family have answers. A really decent family by all accounts, the last 18 years must have been hell for them.


Yeah, what was the deal with that? Does it suggest he may have committed suicide and was pulled down river ?


They don’t really.
All that’s confirmed now is that he ended up in the river, which was what was assumed all along. It was more the matter of how he ended up in the river that needed to be answered.


I don’t know anything about this case but how did they only make the connection now? Surely it was obvious?


A lot of people go into the Shannon, I think they might only have found a small few bones a year later, so had no way of knowing who it was.


I can vividly remember this case at the time,18 years seems like only a couple of them.


True. I should have said closure rather than answers


I met his father a few years ago and didn’t realise until after who i’d been talking to. A thoroughly decent, respectable man is the impression i got of him in a few minutes.


He worked in my bank.