Missing People In Ireland


Dont fucking tell me to calm down.


I have an inside track on this. He was spotted in Portlaoise Sunday morning


Hopping like sausages.


Why wasn’t I notified of this?




He’s a strange chap. Waits until age 45 to get married, then leaves the wife before the reception is over.


My cousin was at a very upmarket wedding a while back where she tells me the bride was crying her eyes out because she didn’t even want to go on holidays with your man.


Sad. It’s very hard to buy a house now unless you’ve married someone with decent income. People feel so much pressure and expectation.

At least that poor bride can always do the dirt and cuckold her husband with some foreign men.


She left him the day they arrived back.


Well I just hope she got half this house out of that because weddings are expensive.


I’d be very disappointed in your cousin was only going to average weddings.


Some lads give it a couple of years in fairness.


Marriage is serious business.


If this is what happened then its nuts. Who goes through with the wedding and then leaves at the reception? What ever about not going through with the wedding or maybe leaving after a year but the fucking reception


Found alive and well in Cork


With who?


Surely you’ll be able to figure all that out Sherlock.


He might have felt under pressure.


Ah look who it is? Cunt features with nothing to say as usual.


Only a fool wouldn’t be able to read between the lines here