Missing People In Ireland


Wrong as usual


No I was correct. He is from Bray in Wicklow. It’s just the imbecilic way you phrased your post. Moron.

Also,. As if I’d known how the QS society orders it’s membership. Twat.


And yet you felt the need to comment. Unlike you.


Not really following the story closely at all, but did this chap abduct and murder the girl and then go out drinking afterwards?
Is it pure luck that he was spotted in the act, did he probably think that he had gotten away with it while he was out in the pub?? This is an awful story, and so soon after the young girl in Lucan, a terrible week.


Yes. Not clear if he went out drinking afterwards. Unclear if he thought he got away with it immediately afterwards as media reports identifying his car were circulating Saturday evening. He never returned home so at some stage the penny dropped

If he had not been spotted by an eye witness then you could make a case he would not have been apprehended given no apparent connection to victim and location of body.


Has it been confirmed he was out drinking Sat night? It would make some sense as at that point he was not aware the guards were looking for his car (that info was released Sunday) and he was likely just trying to appear nothing had happened. The news breaking about the car reg was likely when he knew the gig was up and he decided to try and off himself.


If a fella went out for a few pints after doing something like that it is pure evil and psychotic behaviour


Cunts to a man, a dispicable way to earn a living


Ya, that and picking a random girl off the road and murdering her.


Any word on whether the victim was sexually assaulted? There hasn’t been any mention of it yet.


Irish times reports:

One strong line of inquiry is that the attack was sexually motivated. As witnesses have said Ms Valdez appeared to be banging on the car’s windows, to try to escape, gardaí believe Hennessy may then have panicked, and instead killed her very shortly after abducting her. The postmortem on Ms Valdez’s remains, which is due to take place on Tuesday evening, should confirm how she died and whether she was sexually assaulted.


Strangled the death was what was being mentioned on the radio today


Point being if it was a random act / moment of madness, he wouldn’t have went out for a few points straight after


Maybe part of the madness was doing something bizarre such as going for a few pints after killing someone.

The madness seemed to come back the next day when he committed suicide by cop.


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Sources telling me @Sidney may have been right. This may not have been a random attack. They apparently knew each other.


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