MLB 2021

Just incredible.


Magnificent. What an occasion :heart_eyes:

Zack Britton you bum

Yanks make it 11 wins in a row

They’re coming like a train and at the right time too. My beloved Giants are having some year, have been leading from the front this whole time, should go far in the playoffs. The Dodgers pushing them hard too all summer.

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My beloved Red Sox are stabilising after a horrific slump. Still in play for a wild card slot.

The arse fell out of it in and around the time of the closing of the trade window.
Had an horrendous slump then and threw away a big lead over the yankees and were neck and neck for a lead in the division.

12 in a row, first time in 60 years

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First pitch coming up in the subway series on an emotional weekend for NYC.

Yanks are a shambles :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In free fall, wildcard looking doubtful


Was Ohtani decent in previous years or has he come out of nowhere? I didn’t think he was 27…

Read the article bro! They had him under an extremely tight Laois terrified they’d ruin him, they came to an agreement this year to let him decide how much he wanted to do and he’s left the stratosphere.

Now the thing is Japanese are famous for pushing through pain barriers, not whinging. So leaving it up to him is dangerous in a way. In another way they will suck forever so they might as well cash in on an attraction.

MLB is not a sport

Correct it’s the league that administers the sport.

Playoff baseball is the best. Whole stadium standing and clapping every full count. Wildcard race is going to come down to the wire

Yanks might sweep Boston here

Boston self destruct and get punished by Judge and Stanton. The wild card race is going to the wire.