Mobs Mheiricea-

I only caught bits here and there of this on TG4, is it available to view or buy?

Anyway, Discovery started a new series on Gangs last night and the first show was about the Irish South Boston mob, run by Whitey Bulger. I’d heard of him but didnt know a lot about him or the organization- I know The Departed is loosely based on him, but what a crazy story- 3 Bulger Brothers, 1 a prominent politician, 1 a Judge and the other a crazed murdering lunatic. The FBI link is fascinating stuff too and obviously half of what went on has yet to be revealed.

What other Irish mob figures are worth reading up on?

Jimmy “Nails” Murphy

Give us a little bio first, Runt? Where and when ? Did he ever kick a ball boy?

I made him up.

You mad bastard.

classic ballhop

Read a book called Black Mass a couple of years ago which is about Bulger and his relationship with the FBI guy John Connolly-interesting read.

John Kinsella :popcorn:

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Mickey Featherstone and the Westies who were in Hells Kitchen. I read a book by TJ English a few years ago. Old Bones and Shallow Graves. Looks at irish gangster all over America through the years. Very good read.]

English has written a few books on this subject.

Southie produced some headcases from that era…Pat nee, kevin Weeks… seemed a right shithole full of generation irish mongrels…

‘Pawk da caw in havawd yawd’…

The film State of Grace featuring Sean Penn,Gary Oldman and Ed Harris was loosely based on Jimmy Coonan and Mickey (Boyle) Featherstones Westie exploits.

Decent enough film.

This fella is in the know CM.

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3 of my favourite actors, I’ll have to check that one out.

“The Iceman” Richard Kuklisnki I think had an Irish mother or grandmother, if that counts. Seemed like a nice enough chap. The docu-interview on him on Youtube is superb.