More good news for the LOI

FAI announce Airtricity as League of Ireland sponsors

Green electricity provider, Airtricity, are to sponsor the League of Ireland for three years.

The partnership deal, which was signed today at the D4 Berkeley Hotel in Ballsbridge for an undisclosed sum, will see the competition renamed the Airtricity League for the next three years.

The agreement will cover the remaining two years of the FAI’s management of the league and will be renewed for a further year, subject to continued FAI management.

The first round of the new Airtricity League kicks off next Friday night, March 5.

In addition to title sponsorship, Airtricity will also have marketing, promotional and branding rights arising from the deal. It will also be the preferred energy partner of the FAI.

what was the other good news?

cork becoming a fan owned club

Oh the symmetry here is beautiful.

The failed Eircom League, signs up to get sponsored by a company who failed as an entity a few years back ( in a failed hotel

Any club that becomes a fan owned club is an admission of failure in itself. Any fan owned club will always have a glass ceiling in place that they will be unable to break through.

A fact that you’re beloved SRFC is going to find out the hard way this season.

very true- it doesnt work fpor barca :lol: :lol: :lol:

SRFC & Barca…brothers in arms? Please.

What if SRFC did win the League? Could they afford to go full time and have a decent crack at Europe under the current structures? No. U kno I’m rite.

they woudnt want to go full time- they can achieve the success through integrated planning management & performance

Big difference between 8,000 unemployed people from Tallaght and a large city of hard working/middle class people that own Barca.

As I said - An admission of failure and an acknowledgement of a glass ceiling.

read his post though- he said that memebers clubs dont work carte blanche- i was highlighting how he was wrong- he then backtracked & now he is saying some members clubs dont work-

huh? winning the league isnt failure :lol: :lol: :lol:

I must have missed out on that.
But you keep on believing.

Not sure where this belongs but I was up at Drom at the Salthill/Cobh relegation/promotion play-off on Saturday in my role as TFKCSC chief scout. Celtic are apparently signing Devon’s right back, Colm Horgan. The chap’s only 16 and it was my first time seeing him play on Saturday. Although not tested all that much defensively, his ability on and use of the ball was by far and away the best I’ve seen from a LOI full back. He has underage Ireland caps I believe. He’s big and strong for 16 and nippy as fook. Serious potential. His brother, Daryl, who is 19 I think, plays right wing. He plays for Ireland U-19 but has resisted cross-channel offers thus far to concentrate on his studies.

A cracking night’s entertainment it was and Salthill remain in the First Division. Ah lovely.

Salthill, Mevrue and Utd, Galway truly is the home of top level football in this country

It pretty sums up what’s wrong with the LOI.

Three clubs in the one area and neither drawing more than a few hundred to their games.

ffs Runt, Salthill is nowhere near Mervue!

I wish that was all that was wrong with the LOI.

There to watch men in shorts were you?

There to watch football and shout abuse like the alpha male I am.