More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


She hasn’t, and hopefully won’t see the photo, and the burrito frenzy will hopefully have passed by the 22nd


Ah lovely :clap:


Listen, i’m telling him the whole time to move to Kilmallock but he just won’t listen. We have a Chinese restaurant and two chippers. One of the chippers is run by Indians. The curry chips are deadly as a result.


I’d say they’ll have passed a lot sooner that the 22nd. Probably as we speak.


Like Rusholme.


Only over the road from Charles Byrnes!


Yourself and @dodgy_keeper could drink pints down the local


@dodgy_keeper could nominate him for membership of the local Man Utd supporters club. The winter evenings would just fly.


Kilmallock ? I’m away next week with a lad from kilmallock. I must do a @Mac on it and stalk you for a few weeks after I quiz your man about you and your family.


Lord Ballingarry has a nice ring to it


Do you anyone from Kilmallock with a square head?


No shortage of ruffians in Kilmallock either


Luckily enough I only know one person from Killmallock.
The aforementioned guy. Daft as a bucket of frogs. Thinks he’s about 19 or 20. Goes stone mad when he gets away from the family to attend seminars etc.
A bit like myself I suppose.


A right pair of rascals i’d say.




That’s a joke by the way children


In this day and age you shouldn’t need weeks to stalk, you can get what you need in hours, minutes even


Read it again buddy. I said I’ll stalk him after I find out his details.
ie, few PMs asking about family members etc.


Have a great time mate.


Do you know anyone who could help you out with a few new lines?