Most Appropriate Name for Stick Hurling

Poll to follow

It’d make more sense to have the title read hurling as “stick hurling” will surely be an option and could taint the vote due to its greater exposure?

Rural muckstick is a good one

another quite day in our bloated civil service.

Can’t take any poll seriously that leaves out Stickfighting!

No timberstick either?

I laughed at fiddlestick the first time I happened upon it on the forum so I’ll tentatively give my support to it.

Massive interest in this poll. Can wait to see how it pans out.

Some luminary voters alright.

Surely it has to be shhticky shhtick

good to see so many of the forum big hitters coming out of the woodwork for this one

Cant believe stick hurling hasnt gotten a vote yet, outrageous.

I have always been a fan of the name hurling myself


hurling- isnt that what happens when you puke?

When I what?


If you’re a yank it is I guess?


fuck off flango