Most ridiculous county in Ireland

What is the most ridiculous county in Ireland? I find myself laughing at quite a few counties and their people around this quaint little island, mainly at those in munster might i add but also at certain other counties where you just have to wonder is it a gene problem, something in the water they drink or is it that they have to have a certain number of oddballs to balance out us normal people on the eastern seaboard?

I’ve comiled a poll of the most ridiculous counties in Ireland based on comments on this forum, weird accents and whether too many locals just look like they come from the one family.

Leitrim gets my vote for backwardness, lack of contribution to the economy/life in general and rampant inbreeding

Pathetic attempt at a wind-up

I will not fall for it my ginger friend

Anywhere outside Dublin. The rest of the country is one big bog

It’s got to be Offaly because of the stupid shape it’s border makes!

Also, joyriding teenagers in Clara and the huge traveller camp beside Tullamore railway station, bring down the whole culture of this backwards kip. The fact that 93% of women (they think they women anyway) from Offaly voted Letrim men the most sexy in Ireland just shows how dire the situation is. Finally the Deshonos gig was the biggest gig in Offaly’s history, a true sign of how fooked up and isolated the natives are.


The fact that 93% of women (they think they women anyway) from Offaly voted Letrim men the most sexy in Ireland just shows how dire the situation is.[/quote]

I know - poor Leitrim.

That is the biggest insult that has been thrown at us.

I have only ever met one person from Offaly. She was a girl and an unbelievable fool. She also grassed Bandage and Clarkey up to powers that be for being unprofessional in their work approach which was a fair cop I would have said.

Cork for me, the likes of Leitrim just aren’t relevant enough I feel.

There’s so many places to choose from that it’s hard to pinpoint one. They range from the completely insignificant parts of the country who have historically contributed nothing of note to Irish society in any sense whatsoever and will no doubt continue to do so indefinitely (Carlow, Leitrim, Roscommon, Longford). Then there’s places where the inhabitants are so full of scheidt and self importance that they almost expect you to bow down before them as they stand up on their pedestal (I’m thinking of Cork here). Then there’s also the raft of places that are just rampant with ginger bastards and inbreeding like Offaly and Monaghan. I initially voted for Leitrim last night but if I could change my vote I’d go for Offaly now. And that’s not only down to the slag from there who questioned my professionalism and reported me to senior managers in a previous job. Since when has making faces at junior members of staff in order to make them burst out laughing uncontrollably when on the phone to clients been unprofessional anyway?

I would still give that wan one

That is sick.

I gave my vote to Westmeath. Hate them ever since they came to Wexford Park in 2001 (I think it was 2001 anyway, Bandage will confirm). It was the first game at the new Wexford Park and it was a a very tight match that ended in a draw. All through the match there was a couple of Westmeath supporters in front of me who would turn around and goad the Wexford fans everytime they scored and shout taunts like “stick to the hurling boys”, this coming from a county who at the time did not even have a provincal title to their name (a whopping one Leinster title now) to the county of four football All-Irelands in a row and the great All-Ireland winning hurling teams of 55/56. Not to mention 68 and 96.

Looks like Offaly got it’s first McDonald’s!

Found this gem there. Surprised I’m the only one that voted for Mayo. Also why is Dublin not an option??

I hate biffos

I voted for Leitrim there cos them MBNA cunts keep sending me bills from there.

I’m disappointd Carlow didn’t warrent inclusion here. Carlow is ridiculous. Look at their Jersey for fooks sake.

I’m torn between Longford and Roscommon, none of which are options.

Laois for me - a nothing cunty county - muldoons yet west brits

a horrible mix

I know a lot of the MBNA employees and will be encouraging them to fooking crucify you and all your in-bred countymen at the first opportunity.

Watch out for further turbulence in the banking world, as their continued funding of yer’e un-healthy lifestyle explodes on the floor of the Dil

Dublin is Ireland. I think the country should be renamed Dubland. Up the Dubs.

How can you possibly have a vote on the most ridiculous county in Ireland without nominating Tipperary?

For fooks sake…

No Dublin?

Not a real poll then.

I assume this is just a run-off primary to decide who goes against Tipp.