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I often use this website but i haven’t been able to get into it the last few days. Anyone else having similar difficulties?


Well anyone use this regularly and having problems with it now?


not on my side


Have you a link to it where its working properly NCC?

@habanerocat have you seen the gentlemen. Twas uploaded there yesterday. Is it worth a twist

It’s supposed to be a good watch. The young lad 26ish watched it last night. Said it was very good.

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Watched it tonight. Like all Ritchie movies.

Its alright

Just sitting down now to watch vin diesel in bloodshot. Brain disengaged

You’ve gone on a great journey over the last few weeks mate

What do you mean?

You’ve chilled out a lot, I thought you’d be in full meltdown in an underground bunker by now

I was very alarmed at the start by the lack of action and measures.

I’m doing what I can to mind my family.

I’m calm

I’m overwhelmed by the numbers and the inconsistencies and by the sadness. The time for panic is long over


Absolute shit heap of a movie

Vin Diesel starring is normally a good indicator of that.

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With it rains it fucking pours.

I liked pitch black

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My boy has just uploaded bad boys 3. I’ll go buck ape this evening with a six pack of erdinger non alcoholic

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