Moving to eircom broadband

I am moving back to Eircom broadband after a nightmare 12 months with Vodafone at home, I know a few people that got letters from eircom for illegally downloading songs etc, is there a proxy server i can use to download and not get caught?

Fuck the letters.

ask jim

Anyone using Eircom Music hub?

Great site in my view.
Nothing like a bit of Slip Knot blaring out of the laptop in the back of the Squad before you go and bash a few hoppers.
God bless you Eircom, and all those who ride you.

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What router do you use?
The one I have from Eircom is a pile of shit and regularly drops connection. I’m looking for something with an increased range as well.

I’m afraid the router won’t make a difference. I use a Belkin one (can’t remember the model) but the connection continually drops on that as well. Eircom are just horrendous at keeping the connection stable.

Cunts. I was hoping it was the router.
My connection drops almost every 10minutes.

It’s really hindering my career as an online gamer.


I’ll be honest, I have been with Eircom for a few years. I used to have brutal connection (at the very start) but I rang them up and they sorted it out and then I got the latency sorted for my gaming.
At the moment I dont’ even need to have the xbox wired for online gaming.
I never have an issue with it. Ring Eircom broadband and go nuts. Don’t get off the phone unless they are going to replace the router or come out to find out if there is an issue. If you’re paying for a service then they need to provide what they have sold you.

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Thats wrong. Ring them. Go nuts.

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Is there any decent alternative to eircom? Chorus don’t do broadband in my area

I ended up getting a satelite system broadband in my own place. there are lots of independant broadband suppliers all over the place now, google search for broadband in your area. can work out pretty much the same price as landline providers. Eircom are a shower of absolute wankers. I’m not even with the cunts but had another run in with them last week over an old phone number they fucked up in theor phone book.

Julio lives bang smack in the center of Dublin.
You should be able to get on Magnets own fibre.

Ya we’d an issue with overcharging on a bill with them and they were nothing but cunts over it. Mad to move from them but there’s no real alternative. What speed you get off that satelite?

I was with Imagine while living in the city. They weren’t bad but hiked the price up big time after my contract expired. I refused to pay them and they sent debt collectors to the door. I ran them out of town fairly lively.
I use 3 mobile broadband now out in the sticks because I can’t get landline. I must say I was suprised by the speed, good connection and usage I get for €20 a month.

download is 5mbps. 30 quid a month. 50 quid to set it up. and no hassle at all with it. loads of the fuckers around though if you are in dublin I’d imagine.

Those fuckers were a comin’ across the nation, a new sensation so I heard.

Isn’t Wi-max part of Imagine who in turn are part of Eircom?

I don’t know to be honest, I did hear they were faster, better, cheaper, no line rental fee though.

What OS is this on?

I’ve used 2 or 3 different ones and it makes no difference. Particularly bad on Ubuntu - Looking on it’s forums it’s a well known issue but the nerds are doing fuck all to rectify it.