Mowbray Out

Mowbray out. Worse than Barnes. He is now Rangers best weapon.

Madness allowing Gordon Strachan to walk away. Of course Strachan as a Protestant was disliked and hounded by the sectarian bigots.

I was amused at how Mowbray’s appointment was largely received so positively. He seemingly ‘knew how to play football the Celtic way’. West Bromwich Albion’s performance in the EPL last season should have been the signpost that he didn’t know too much about managing and putting out a team.

Ah in fairness he inherited a worse squad than Barnes and doesn’t look like a slave to a system the way Barnes is.

Agreed that he has plenty of improving to do though.

Mowbray is doing a fine job with incredibly shit players,hes a fine manager.

Reports indicate Danny Fox was superb for Burnley today. What the fuck happened in that case?