Mr Cholmondeley-Warner

Fuck Off!

Flano has real Grayson air about him…

What does this lad have to say for himself?

whoa. whats the story, this some sort of a welcoming committee?

Flano’s the unwelcoming committee.

Pleased to have you with us Mr. C-W. Someone will be along with a quick questionnaire for you shortly.

Here Thraw. you know I’m the Official greeter on here!

ah cheers. was cracking my hole laughing at one of the threads there earlier, said i might as well sign up.

I said that, yeah. Do keep up.

Nah, you said I was unwelcoming. Never.

my goal is to take the coveted idiot of the year award for 2009. watch your back, flano :clap:

If you want it I can make it happen.

sound. is there a trophy?

No there’s a sash, awarded outside the ladies jacks in Coppers

Can anyone vouch for this chap?

Fair enough. Let’s not fight about it. I’m having a :clap: here.

Mr. C-W seems like an alright sort anyway. You’d want to be a particularly effective strain of idiot to waltz in here late August and gun for the IOTY title though.

Mr CW - GAA or LOI?

How many points did you get in the LC?

Should Fergie be in the lovely ladies thread?

Should Michelle Rodriguez be in the lovely ladies thread?

Lady GaGa - Would you chance it or hold off just in case?

If the ghost of Wolfe Tone jumped on your back would you let him ride you or pull him off?