Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Sorry I wouldn’t be in the rugby threads too often but @gilgamboa is always my go to man on such matters


It wasnt on a rugby thread. Plus he’s said it twice now. You’re really wasting the mans time tbh.


Thanks for fleshing out last night’s journalist tweets with your own bones of a statement, mate.


Did you say you knew that Tim O’Connor chap on twitter? I know he’s a lawyer but himself and ThreeRedKings are twisting themselves in circles to defend Munster on this.


I’m looking forward to Luke Fitzgerald’s podcast on this. Luke is always the go to guy when you want to hear serious discussion of this sort of issue.


I thought if I waited 12 or so hours I’d pass it off as my own. Damn you bandage, damn you to hell.


Oh fuck off.


Sorry @myboyblue that was uncalled for


It’s ok bro. Just try be a bit more respectful of other posters in future. @gilgamboa is a busy guy.


And do you have an issue with him as a signing?


Answer the man @gilgamboa you fucking prick


I see munster captain Pete O’Mahoney has now backed up the drug cheat


The only difference between the drug cheat and every other rugby player is that he got caught.


What about the other rugby players who gotten caught? Surely there’s no difference there?


Philip Browne thinks it’s ok too. This goes to the very top.


I was just reading there that Munster have also signed another South African from the same club as the drug cheat — Here’s some images of him - :rofl:






Some line up of dirty junky bastards there.


Surely they’re all on drugs. They’d have to be on something to find it enjoyable.