Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Go out for a walk for yourself.


In general you are spot on but these are from the troubled estates of Limerick . I hope sense prevails .


I think there’s a degree of truth in that. However, Munster and more particularly Munster fans spent the best part of a decade plus telling anyone within earshot that they were more than an ordinary sports team, “Munster by the grace of God”, “Best Supporters in the world” etc etc. In that time they were quite happy to sicken the hole of every other rugby fan in Ireland, fans of other sports (Limerick hurling etc) …

If you set yourself as being above the rest then when you deviate from those standards you can expect to be called on it. It was a shocking descision by Munster and all the whataboutery, “Dublin meeja” whining and hysterical self-pity can’t take from that. Deep down most Munster fans know that and as they are the most self-righteous of all sports fans know that if it was any other club their views would be substantially different.




We’ve had our differences pal but that’s a cracking post.


The dockers and doctors coming off their night shift will be mangled


The companies offering free drink in the boxes must be shitting it.


I strolled down to mass this morning and it’s pissing rain now. No. I’ll have the spuds at 2 and a bit of a snooze


Limerick GAA and Munster rugby football supporters are cut from the same cloth. :clap:



His level of insight has been to post screenshots of misleading ISC drug testing stats and to just say if people say there’s isn’t systematic doping then there’s clearly a problem.


Sweep, sweep.


Outstanding post.


Fair points Id agree with most of it. I think most of the best fans in the world shite is another media /marketing wheeze really but some of the low lies would sicken your shit alright. Most of them never been inside the gate of their local club.

Lucky enough there is no similar bandwagon in Dublin. Leinstertainment and all that :blush:


Having been to a couple of “Fever in the Aviver” December Heino games, Munster are in the ha’penny place when it comes to having unctuous cunts supporting them.


Are they bravely and faithfully going out in the wet at 4?


They are


Might go and snooze in front of it.


Apologies for the delay


Don’t let it happen again.