Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Arguable. I couldnt see Munster beating Leinster tbh


Munster and Leinster have the winners of the last 5 European cups in their QFs


Tougher 1/4 but easier semi?


Leinster had the teams top of pro 14, top 14 and english premiership in their pool and won 6/6.


Thats what looks like to me Mick. Clermont a tough gig.


Very, but Leinester or Sarries would be almost impossible for this Munster team. 6N can change a lot with form/injuries I suppose


They’re a cut above this year alright.


Sids been on and off replying to this thread for a few mins. Some serious sttatage on the way :ok_hand:

  1. Leinster v Saracens
  2. Clermont v Racing
  3. Munster v Toulon
  4. Scarlets v La Rochelle

Winner QF1 plays winner QF4
Winner QF2 plays winner QF3

Semi-final 1 permutations with home team first:
Leinster v Scarlets
La Rochelle v Leinster
La Rochelle v Saracens
Saracens v Scarlets

Semi-final 2 permutations with home team first
Clermont v Munster
Racing v Munster
Racing v Toulon
Toulon v Clermont


So your saying Munster can’t have a home s/f, sure that can’t be right!!


Neither can the Scarlets.


Was this the way last year?? I think it’s changed this year??


Same last year. Cod of a rule.

It used to be an open draw noone was guaranteed a home semi anyway


There’ll be mixed emotions for Paulie O’Connell in that quarter final now.

His home provincial side v the team he walked out of Munster on early to finish his playing days.


Very strange post from a Limerick man. Paulie is the embodiment of Munster rugby. The red jersey is the only jersey he’s ever worn in this great competition.


Come from a gaa club with a huge pick bit rich from dodgy.


So what’s the rule, clearly not an NFL type home field advantage one? If Racing beat Clermont they become the 2nd seed, having beaten the actual 2nd seed?


Its complicated enough…basically top 4 pool winners get home QFs

Top 2 pool qualifiers get home semi finals IF their SF opponents won a home QF. If an away side win a QF they get home semi

3rd and 4th place pool qualifiers are away in semi regardless but teams playing those sides will be at home of they win


Law breakers.


Ah that’s disappointing, I thought there were clubs secretly monitoring other teams training