Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Rousing cheer my hole . There was fuck all at the game . That said the few hundred that cheered deserve to be called the “ Thomond faithful “ .


Zebo (doubtful), earls (out) Chris Farrell(out) scanell(doubtful) Conway(out), Tyler b(out).


Add Taute and O’Donnell out to that list. Saturday could be grim viewing.


No man ever got rich backing against Munster at Thomond but 17/10 seems an awful big price for Toulon in that game surely?


It’s huge.


I’d say the bet if your that way inclinded is Toulon to win 1-12 @ 5/2


Kloete too. Probably looking a Copeland, Pom and stander.


Forgot about that juicer. Munster missing nearly half their first 15 so.


Toulon beat Clermont 49 nil at weekend

They should be strong favs


Zebo, Scannell and Conway all named to start against Toulon


Very confident of a win after seeing the teams. Munsters 4 front 5 subs will make the difference.


One of rugby union’s great characters will be in Limerick the weekend . Ash the Splash work the entrance fee alone .


Half time score

Munster 10

Toulon 6



pure raw sporting emotion


Ah here, I enjoyed the win, but that’s a load of wank. Any bench in any sport reacts like that to a late winner


He’s not called Tossy for nothing.


Stand up and fight until you hear the bell


Stand toe to toe, trade blow fer blow,
Keep punching till you make yer punches tell


Show that crowd watch your know
Until you hear that bell
Stans up and fight like hell