Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Don’t you start now.


Delighted to see Conway continue to ram it down @gilgamboa’s throat. A great bit of stuff.


Consistency in a world gone mad


It’s going to be an epic summer for the sporting capital of Ireland.

I wonder will the city council be able to cut a deal on renting the big screens, open top buses and platforms on the double ?


Horsie set from Paris or another Franchise made up by a French lad who owns a load tyres.


Conway is an underdog, which makes him v likable in my book…I could be wrong but did Leinster let him go? his try yesterday was sensatonal albeit chronic stuff from Toulon defensively as they were far superior on paper and for most of ths game it appeared.


I don’t think he was let go per say, more a spreading of the wealth as Leinster were deep with young backs.
Thag approach seems to have been abandoned.


They were not winning that game yesterday only for him. V impressive individual try. Was pleased for him as he seems like a nice fella.


I agree, certainly comes across that way.


Carter still got it. Joke of a rule if thats not forward though




That’s who we will meet?



Joxers going to bordeaux


Where can you buy them?


prob the most unlikable teams in sport…much like their support


@Threeredkings official memorabilia


Hup ou that


How twee


I’ve tickets sorted.