Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Not so .




What is?


Did you watch the Rome derby? Roma will be a tough nut to crack.


agreed … In saying that, Lazio did get at them when they moved it quickly - they got some joy down Roma’s right. How open Roma will be against Liverpool is a different story.

It’s great to have both our teams in Red in European semis.


Fantastic. Great to see Lucas in action for Lazio last night . Some big units on that Roma team.


Zebo dropped. Earls in. Same team as Toulon.


I think we’ll win this one easy enough… the final will be a different story tho.


I suspect scarlets and munster will win this week.




15/1 double.


You suspect or you hope?


I’d be surprised if munster dont win. Leinster aren’t as good as they think and Scsrlets are being massively underrated again.


The double is about 10/1 so you should pile in if you’re confident.

I think Munster will win in a tight battle. Leinster will be tighter than handicap but I think Leinster have a pack to strangle Scarlets. McGrath out is a loss though. Munster/Leinster final for me


For all Leinster depth they will end up playing Henshaw after an extended injury break and probably Barry Daly or McFadden on wing and Gibson park at 9. Surprising


Well injuries (and obscure employment law) will do that to you. Gibson park is clear number 2 so not sure what else you do there. If Henshaw is fit he’s clear starter so just cos this is his first game back wouldn’t be enough to leave him out. Lowe unlucky due to rules but it still is a class back line with Carbery and Larmour in reserve.


If carberry is on the bench, it’s a strong backline. Home advantage to give leinster the win pulling up. Munster may run out of luck one day. We’ll see.


I predict a leinster munster final though.


Carberrys form has dropped off the cliff. He was very poor last week.


Gibson park is bang average is the problem. I think Leinster are in for a massive fall this weekend imo.