Munster Senior Hurling Championship 2023

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First-ever GAA All-Ireland medal is the star attraction at Fonsie Mealy’s collectors’ sale

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If I owned that I wouldn’t sell it.

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Anyone with Irish examiner access care to paste up sheedy and enda McEvoy’s columns?


It’s easy forget now, but we have doubted Limerick before heading into a game with Cork. Just a year ago, heading into the first outing in the Munster round robin, we were contemplating a Limerick team that had shown below average form in the league. Could they reignite that fire and deliver the three in a row of All-Irelands and fourth Munster on the spin? Not everyone was sure.

The doubts lasted at least 10 minutes. Concern looked to be real when Cork hit them for an unanswered 1-2 within six. But Limerick had other ideas and powered into the game and were four clear by the break before cruising into familiar autopilot in a 2-25 to 1-17 victory. That set the tone for them to go unbeaten for the remainder of the season and pitched them close to the summit in terms of all-time great teams.

A year on, the same fixture brings similar questions, but you have no soft landing on Sunday for either team. One of these teams will likely be left licking their wounds and looking on from a distance as the championship reaches its climax. For Cork, that would be a tough pill to swallow after signs of strong progress in terms of depth and application. For Limerick it would be unthinkable. The team unanimously touted as winners knocked out this early would open things up and give everyone a sense this could be their year.

Confusingly, they looked to be well ahead of last year coming into the championship and easily captured a league where posting shadows seems to be the done thing. No doubt John Kiely and his backroom team will not have felt this uncomfortable going into a match for quite some time. At the same time, I’d imagine John will be heartened by the fighting spirit his team has shown in losing by the minimum to Clare and battling to the bitter end to secure a point last Sunday. In a way, it’s another testimony to what they have built that even when it’s not flowing for them, they refuse to roll over. There has been no collapse, even if some of their greatest are not anything like themselves.

The exceptional Gearóid Hegarty is central to the team, but appears to be second-guessing himself for the first time in an age. Even the switch between the green and black helmets was striking, though that could be me overthinking things. He has suffered too from the same terrible rumour mill that dogged our camps from time to time. It must be very difficult hearing some of the crap spouted out there about being gone from the panel. Our amateur players are incredible role models inside and outside their counties, and it is just not good enough to see nonsense spread on social media by people who should know better.

I sense Gearóid is very strong mentally and I wouldn’t be too concerned about his form. He probably just needs to get back in the black helmet, cover the ground in that way that makes him impossible to track and do it with a smile on his face. Something will click. He seemed a little off going into last year’s All-Ireland final too yet delivered a performance for the ages.

Cian Lynch might be a slightly different case. He has been subdued by his standards in championship to date and doesn’t look fully right. This game demands him to go full throttle. When he was on form against this opposition in the 2021 final the whole team responded and the game was over as a contest by half-time.

Sometimes it can be just about stripping things back to basics. A lot was made back in 2013 about Davy and his Mi-wadi and biscuits. When he brought the 19 players beaten in a Munster semi-final back to his house for a heart-to-heart. We know what happened from that day on.

I’d be surprised if John and Caroline Currid didn’t have something planned for their two destroyers this week. A little reassurance, a reminder that they have banked enough five-star performances. Just be themselves in their own backyard and they will have too much for anyone.

Kiely will have been much happier with the second-half performance last Sunday when they created chances but didn’t convert. The form of Tom Morrissey and Cathal O’Neill up front are major positives. But the biggest plus is the defence which limited the Tipp forwards to 10 points in the second half. It was the Limerick rearguard we have become accustomed to. If Byrnes, Hannon and Hayes maintain that powerhouse form, Cork will find them hard to shake.

While it is concerning they have yet to find peak performance, I expect Limerick to go up the gears when the need is greatest in front of a large home following.

Liam Cahill also started last year’s round-robin with the same fixture, but in the opposite dressing room. Liam will be delighted with Tipp’s performances and the upward trajectory in such a short time is to be applauded. The younger forwards like Jake Morris, Mark Kehoe and Conor Bowe, who supplied 11 of the 25 points against Limerick, are coming of age and bringing huge energy to the attack.

Bowe’s resilience is exactly what’s needed, after he was brought on and taken off in Cork. He bounced back and chipped in with three wonderful points from the bench last Sunday, which is a great sign of his mentality.

At the other side of the age spectrum, Noelie (McGrath) continues to play the game at a different pace to his opposition and sees things that others can’t. He is playing a captain’s role. Patrick ‘Bonner’ Maher is a freak of nature and measures up to everything the people of Tipperary want to see in their players.

A cruciate ended 2019 for him, when he had been on fire, and then he ruptured his Achilles in 2021 which was another major setback. But Bonner doesn’t do setbacks, he is all about the bounce back. People would not understand the prehab and discipline he needed to get back playing, let alone at the top level. The morning of the 2021 All-Ireland quarter-final in Cork he was in the gym in Fota Island on crutches and managing to complete a weights session with the extended panel members. It was just incredible to watch. His steal from Tom Morrissey last Sunday was a joy. The way the younger lads arrived to give him the pat on the back after that play, it was plain to see the admiration they have for him. Seamie Callanan looks sharp too when called upon. His intercept and score last Sunday was a huge moment.

Sunday is a tricky assignment, with Waterford dead already only to wash them, as Babs would have put it. The danger is you arrive in Semple with a head full of the loose talk you’ve listened to all week, then find yourself in a dogfight and struggle to turn it around. I am sure Liam and his team will have those angles covered. An unchanged team underlines that he is taking no chances and that everyone will be fully focused on getting the job done.

Liam landed himself in hot water last Sunday when he got involved over an incorrect decision on a line ball in injury time. His appeal against a ban has been successful though it might have been no bad thing if he wasn’t on the sideline. The handshake with Davy after the league game looked fiery, so sitting up the back might have calmed the waters. The last thing Liam will want on Sunday is to get involved in something that might stir tensions.

Will Waterford be driven to deliver a performance for Davy and for themselves? Will they be looking to send a message to their former manager that this group still has ambitions to win major honours? Tipp will be wary of a parting sting. Whatever happens this weekend, if you find yourself outside the top three after four matches, you can’t really have too many complaints.

Before all that, I am looking forward to the Joe McDonagh final Saturday evening. Since it was initiated in 2018, the competition has been a great success. Carlow were the first winners and Offaly are in their first final, so it should make for a cracking contest in the theatre of dreams. Offaly’s progress at all levels is notable, having contested a minor final last year and made the U20 final this year. Michael Duignan’s leadership has lifted standards across the board. But under Tom Mullally, you can be certain Carlow will not roll over and I look forward to a cracker.


Write a preview of tomorrow’s Limerick v Cork Munster hurling game in the style of Richard Littlejohn.


Title: “Hurling Showdown: Limerick vs. Cork - A Battle of Bruisers”

Get ready for a hurling extravaganza, folks! Tomorrow’s clash between Limerick and Cork is set to be an all-out brawl, a showdown between two hard-nosed teams looking to knock each other senseless. This ain’t for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure!

Limerick, the reigning champions, have been dominating the hurling scene with an iron fist. They’ve got the skill, the strength, and the swagger to intimidate anyone who dares step onto the pitch with them. Led by their hard-hitting captain, they’ll be looking to smash Cork into oblivion and leave no doubt as to who’s boss.

But let’s not write off Cork just yet. These lads are as tough as nails and won’t back down from a fight. They’ve got a chip on their shoulder and a burning desire to prove themselves. If they can keep their wits about them and avoid getting caught up in Limerick’s mind games, they might just have a chance at pulling off an upset.

Expect bone-crunching tackles, wild swings of the hurley, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears. This isn’t a game for those delicate souls who prefer their sports to be played with finesse and elegance. No, this is pure, unadulterated hurling at its most brutal.

And let’s not forget the fans! The die-hard supporters from both sides will be out in force, hurling insults and obscenities at each other with gusto. They’ll be guzzling pints and bellowing obscenities, turning the stands into a raucous madhouse. It’s all part of the charm, or so they say.

So, get ready for a clash of titans, a slugfest for the ages. Limerick and Cork are about to go toe-to-toe, hurling caution to the wind and leaving it all on the field. It’s not going to be pretty, but it’ll be a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Just make sure to bring your hard hat and steel-toed boots, because this ain’t no Sunday stroll in the park. It’s hurling, Richard Littlejohn style!

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You’re a desperate cunt @Thomas_Brady

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Write a preview of tomorrow’s Limerick v Cork Munster hurling game in the style of Donald Trump.


Title: “The Greatest Hurling Showdown: Limerick vs. Cork - Let’s Make Hurling Great Again!”

Folks, let me tell you something. Tomorrow, we have a tremendous hurling clash coming your way. It’s gonna be huge, believe me. Limerick and Cork, two incredible teams, are going head-to-head in a battle that will leave you in awe. We’re talking about the best of the best here, folks, and it’s gonna be a spectacle like you’ve never seen before.

Limerick, they call themselves the champions, but let me tell you, Cork is ready to give them a run for their money. These guys are warriors, folks. They’ve got the heart, the determination, and the skill to take down anyone who stands in their way. I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it, and I can tell you, they’re gonna give Limerick a run for their money.

Now, Limerick, they’ve been on top for a while. They’ve been winning, winning, winning. But it’s time for a change, folks. It’s time to shake things up. Cork is here to make hurling great again. They’re gonna bring back that fire, that spirit, and they’re gonna make Limerick work for it. It’s gonna be a battle, folks, a real battle.

I’ve been to these games, folks. The atmosphere is electric. The fans are passionate, and they’re gonna be loud. They’re gonna be chanting, cheering, and supporting their teams with everything they’ve got. It’s gonna be incredible, believe me.

And let me tell you, the players on both sides are unbelievable. They’re tough, they’re strong, and they’re gonna leave it all on the field. You’re gonna see swings, folks. Powerful, precise swings of the hurley. And those sliotars, they’re gonna fly through the air like you’ve never seen before. It’s gonna be beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

So, mark my words, folks. Tomorrow’s game between Limerick and Cork is gonna be a game-changer. It’s gonna be a clash of the titans, a battle that will go down in the history books. You don’t wanna miss it, folks. Tune in, support your favorite team, and let’s make hurling great again!


I’d never sell it. Think the last one went for 25k or something?

Write a comedy sketch about tomorrow’s Limerick v Cork Munster hurling game in the style of Alex Jones of Infowars.


[Scene: A makeshift studio with wild graphics and flashing lights. Alex Jones, known for his bombastic and conspiracy-laden style, sits behind a desk.]

Alex Jones: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a special edition of Infowars! Today, we’re diving deep into the twisted world of hurling, specifically the epic showdown between Limerick and Cork in the Munster hurling game. Hold on to your tinfoil hats, folks, because things are about to get crazy!

[Jones adjusts his suit jacket dramatically.]

Alex Jones: Now, what they don’t want you to know is that hurling is not just a sport; it’s a carefully orchestrated plot by the globalist elites to distract us from the real issues at hand. That’s right, folks! While we’re watching these teams whack a ball around, they’re secretly building underground bunkers and plotting to take away our freedoms!

[A graphic of a hurling sliotar morphs into a nefarious symbol.]

Alex Jones: But I digress. Let’s talk about Limerick, the reigning champions. They’re hailed as heroes, but what are they really hiding? I’ve uncovered evidence that Limerick’s captain is actually a lizard person from outer space. Yes, you heard me right! It’s all part of a reptilian conspiracy to infiltrate our society through hurling dominance!

[Audience laughter mixed with a few confused murmurs.]

Alex Jones: And then there’s Cork, the so-called underdogs. But don’t be fooled, folks! I have proof that the Cork team is actually being funded by the New World Order! They’re using hurling as a distraction while they implement their nefarious plans for global domination. Wake up, people!

[Audience chuckles]

Alex Jones: Now, let’s not forget the fans. They’re in on it too, folks. Those passionate supporters in the stands, waving their flags and chanting like mindless drones. But what they don’t realize is that the stadium is equipped with mind-control devices. Yes, they’re using hurling fandom to turn us all into obedient sheeple!

[Audience laughter and a few eye rolls.]

Alex Jones: So, my friends, as you tune in to tomorrow’s game, remember this: there’s more to hurling than meets the eye. Stay vigilant, question everything, and be prepared for the truth to be revealed. And if you see any suspicious hurling-related activities, report them immediately to Infowars. Together, we’ll expose the globalist agenda hiding behind the hurling charade!

[Jones raises his fist triumphantly as the studio lights flash.]

Alex Jones: Now, I’m off to investigate reports of chemtrails turning sliotars into mind-altering projectiles. Stay tuned, patriots!

[Jones signs off as the studio erupts in laughter and applause, with a few audience members shaking their heads in disbelief.]

MC Pat Flynn? I knew he was a Waterford man but I didn’t realise he’d have such pull in GAA circles!

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“I’ve been to these games, folks.”

Would all robots please enter throw the Town End turnstiles please

Christ almighty. The limericks can’t get dressed without a psychologist.


The year we lost it hadn’t we a galway man doing it.


There does seem to be a certain nerviness around Limerick supporters this week, maybe even an air of resignation. We certainly haven’t been firing and a poor performance would see us knockout.

I haven’t been overly impressed by Cork in terms of the quality of their general performances but, to be fair to them, they’re hanging on in games when maybe they wouldn’t have before. And that’s nearly a more important trait. Stay in touch, stay in touch, and if you can get a couple of goals, you can win games.

They could easily have folded after Kelly’s penalty the last day; away from home, playing poorly, 8 points down but they got themselves in a position where they could have sneaked a draw. Now, it’s not really worth a fuck when you don’t get something but against Tipp it was similar, and they got the draw that day.

You carry that goal threat and you’ll always have a chance.

Particularly when you consider that Limerick have maybe looked flat & tired at times. Cork do have a bit of legs in that middle third - Roche, Meade, Fitzgibbon, now they have Kingston in attack too. I know Robbie O’Flynn is a loss but Clare really hurt Limerick with raw pace and Cork have elements of that.

Where the doubts are around Cork is their ability to win ball. WOD was back to his best the last day, himself & DOD cleaned up around the middle and the half-back line got on top. That certainly wasn’t the case against Clare. Can Cork secure enough ball in the middle from puckouts, etc? Or will they try and run at Limerick from deep with quick puckouts? Potentially Limerick’s work rate has declined in the forwards… it’ll be a hot day too, so will be unforgiving for anyone who isn’t tuned in.

The tactical battle will be interesting; but having the personnel to carry out the gameplan you implement (and having them in form) is very important too. Like, if Limerick stand off and allow Cork pop the ball around, someone like Fitzgibbon will run through us like a greyhound.

If we force them to scrap for everything, he’s not really suited for that.

We simply have to feed more ball into Gillane though, that Cork full-back line can be got at, but we have to keep a presence inside and give them ball. We’re starving them so far this year.


Cork have been murdered in middle third by Clare and Tipperary yet could have won both games heading into injury time. For limerick to win Hegarty and Lynch have to improve or else they won’t benefit from that scenario as much as other two opponents