Munster V Cardiff

well lads, who do ye think will win?? cardiff have a far stronger team named for it


Nobody cares about this paedo game…


how is rugby a paedo game??

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Here noddy, there already is a munster rugby thread, try and keep all posts in that…

genius post:clap::rolleyes::clap:


ok good man puke,

noddy, what are your views on communism and can it work in present day Eire?



here is the link for you noddy…

by far the largest thread on TFK…

[quote=“The Puke”]here is the link for you noddy…

munster, celtic league, heineken cup, general and tag rugby thread… -

by far the largest thread on TFK…[/quote]

Sound, i shall give ya a karma on PV for being so helpfull



noddy, how would you react if someone were to nuke Tipp?


only for a bit of water Noddy would be a galwayman dunph, doubt he would care too much

Is he or isn’t he from tinfoil-land Puke?