Murderpool -1


can the fans of english and scottish football tell me if this is free money or not

hotspurs hammered hearts 5-0 last year

They are going to be playing a mixture of bench players like Adam, Henderson and Coates with youth players, i’d stay well away from it as you just dont know what you are gonna get at the moment. I know fuck all about hearts though tbf.

Hearts are a young team who have been weakened over the summer I think. Wouldn’t give them much hope at all but (cliché time:) Tynecastle isn’t that easy to play in and if they can start well it could be difficult for Liverpool. Still expect them to beat the margin though.

SPL v EPL - pile on son

Looks like 17 year old Raheem Sterling is to be handed his first competitive start here. Lump on is right.