Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Fuck sake, she’s only 14. She’s a year older than my daughter…


Paul Williams on Drive Time there.

The poor girl was apparently found naked and appeared to have been beaten to death. Horrific. :disappointed_relieved:


Fuck sake. A child.


A great laugh alright, fucking arseholes.


I’m not judging the lads. It’s just horrific, full stop.


Who’s laughing mate ?


You thought it was a great laugh an hour ago.


It’s the violent murder of a child, somebody’s daughter, that you’re using for cheap giggles.


Go on…


Is that not what this thread is all about. An Irish murder


You’re a smart boy, work it out for yourself.


God forbid if anyone poked fun at a horse getting a bullet in the head, though.


Who’s poking fun mate ?

Is this not the thread where we discuss and attempt to solve murders in Ireland ?


hardy har har @Mac you sick cunt


I’m being deadly serious mate. I expect one of those 3 scenarios to be the cause. If you’re that offended have a word with your good mate who kicked off the discussion.

It sounds horrific. She’s been named in the Irish Times which I thought was a bit odd this early.

Missing 14-year-old was ‘beaten to death’ (via @IrishTimes)


you are being serious in wondering was a 14 year old girl in a relationship with a vodka drinking squarehead?


If it wasn’t so horrific I’d say well played @The_Selfish_Giant, an epic climbdown from that cunt Mac. But it’s not apt to post it this time.


Chilling stuff


He’s saying that’s one of 3 possibilities in his opinion.

Personally I think her social media accounts will give the Gardaí plenty of information


The RTÉ & Tv3 correspondents visibly upset on the evening news bulletins. But our two cunts here are looking for a laugh out of it.