Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


I don’t think anybody is looking for a laugh mate.



The faux outraged snowflakes are a ridiculous crew. It’s a horrific set of circumstances. Why someone would use it for some kind of one-upmanship is beyond me. Says a lot about the type of person if they resort to that.


Just don’t @Mac



Few fellas on here ought to be ashamed of themselves. Direct correlation between horse racing enthusiasts as well.


Headline in one of the red tops suggesting that “2 kids are to be quizzed”


It appears to me that there are likely distinct similarities in this case to the murder of Michaela Davis in 2010, which took place not too far away in Porterstown.

It’s definitely somebody known to the victim and I agree with @thedancingbaby in that the first thing to came to mind for me was that her social media account/s should provide significant clues.


I have it on good authority that this girl was being severely bullied in school and it’s suspected this is linked to that, hence the first to be questioned are people in her school


That would tie in with the red top headline.


If that’s the case, all kinds of shit are going to come down on the school and this is going to be a massive story.


Irish Times article mentions depression too, plus a load of other random stuff


Murder inquiry as girl (14) beaten to death and left in derelict building (via @IrishTimes)


This is horrendous, what she must have gone through, what her family is going through now.


I’m not being at all flippant when I say I have an even worse feeling than usual about this. If contemporaries were involved it will be yet another seminal event. It doesn’t bear thinking about.


Have they arrested the 2 boys who were with her in the skate park


Gardaí arrest man and woman in relation to death of baby girl


Even allowing for the limited information in public I was trying to think of a worse Irish murder and couldn’t. It could well be Ireland’s Jamie Bolger if the rumours of bullying are true.


Nope, sounds like they’ve been questioned alright but they left her before anything happened, apparently


I have heard on good authority also that she was raped and beaten with a hammer. Shocking stuff.


Catherine Murphy TD who knew the girl gave a lovely interview on KFM this morning. Quite moving.