Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


Forensics will probably hang him. It’s a strange story. Why would 2 psychos target a girl who was with someone rather than who was alone. And did he just abandon her when they got attacked and not tell anyone?


They said in the report that blood on his clothing was being analyzed. Maybe his own after the alleged assault ? If it’s hers it a fairly open and shut case.


Dya reckon?


This young lad seems like a right piece of work. For a 13 year old to do that in the first place is unthinkable but for him to able to concoct and stick to a story then afterwards is even more worrying.



2 boys arrested over the murder of Ana kriegal.

Two juveniles arrested over Ana Kriegel murder


Ireland’s murder rate is about to shoot up by 4000 a year.

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Be more than that you clown


Show me the stats to back that up.


Be more than that. Stop playing the clown


Can you back it up or is it just the usual scaremongering from the no side?


Ha, so it won’t increase is that what your saying. If it’s a no vote then you could be right here.


13 year old, fuckin hell

Boy (13) due to be charged over killing of Ana Kriegel (via @IrishTimes)


The same age as @Portumna_Bridge daughter.



One charged, file gone to the DPP for the other.

Reading between the lines there has been no admission of guilt from either, surely the DNA will have nailed the lad charged anyway.


Hardened criminals would already have broken down and confessed to something like this. This young fella must be some piece of work.


If the rumours are true, he is.



He also specifically warned against social media users sharing his details online.

“My focus is on social media. If the child’s name, home, school, picture is reproduced it will be the same as publishing a report in the media.

“Let me be absolutely clear; people will be found in contempt of court and subject to prosecution


Sure a PM is just like a chat over the garden wall


It’s even worse if he was in cahoots with the second fella and it was a joint operation. Surely one of them would have cracked by now and admitted what happened.

At 13 allegedly forcing yourself on a girl and then killing her, ‘kin ‘ell.