Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


What type of sentence could be expected in this case?
Weren’t Venables and his accomplice released at 18?


5 years I’d say.


Will these lads be named if found guilty?




Interesting. How come venables was named? Just different law in UK


Think it expires when they become 18. Were they named at time of trial?

Edit - Checked and Venables and other lad were tried in an adult court. Actually same will apply here as it is murder so maybe they won’t have automatic anonymity then if convicted.


Talking to an det inspector friend, said they are from two very normal, respectable families. Det insp mentioned Grand Theft Auto…


That I dont know


The game?




I think Venebles and Thompson were originally sent away for a long time but that was reduced on an appeal.


Usually moral panics about video games, horror movies or satanic music.

In the case of Jamie Bolger, the blame was laid at Child’s Play III. In subsequent research, it couldn’t be proven that the two lads ever actually saw the film. One of their father’s had rented it months beforehand but no evidence they saw it.

But blaming something like Child’s Play means that the public have some reason they can comprehend as opposed to acknowledging that real evil exists in society


Whether it was the girl killed in carrickmines dominating the news and maybe wearing people out, but theres little public outrage at this? Are irish people that apathetic?


To me, two teenagers (allegedly) raping and killing a teenager is to me one of the most depraved public cases there’ll be in this country


Got buried in the news of the last week. The permanently outraged will turn their attention to how males are being educated in schools and how it’s breeding teenage murders once they’re through the G&T induced hangover on Sunday afternoon.


Do you have any daughters mate?


The Ana Kriegel case would put a shiver down your spine.


I don’t mate. 2 boys. They’ll grow up in a very different world to the one I was raised in.


Absolutely agree but very little said. I suppose the other murder and referendum took attention but still


A bull sire fair play to you.

If you dont mind me asking, dies the shnozz come into it at all?