Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later




We had awful trouble conceiving using it so we went back to traditional methods


Yeah but shur its all the fault of cisnoramative white males, the patriachy and capitalism. No doubt the perps are more than likely fitting that discription. Horrific crime and some would argue that the ennuie that afflicts secular societies could lead to a lot more of this fucked up shit. Something to believe in is very calming.


Common knowledge locally who the 13 year old is. I can post his name anytime anybody wants the forum shut down. He is from a decent background, normal parents etc


It’ll be weird when they are doing the role call in school.

“Where’s Jimmy?” (I don’t know if his name is Jimmy, just using an example)

“He’s as lathair, miss. He’s been done for murder.”


Of course it’s common knowledge


That’ll be some note to explain his absence!


Exactly, of course it fucking is. But what’s the point of that other than some lads bigging themselves up on the INTERNET that they’re in the know. Who gives a fuck what his name is.
How did we come to this is what we should be asking. What the fuck are we doing to our children that this situation has happened. Some parents are so disengaged with their children its really quite frightening.
This is an absolutely horrific story. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since it happened. I spoke about it with my 15 year old boy today, he said there’s a lot of weird kids out there with very dark shit and thoughts going on. Said he’s stayed away from some former friends as they are in very bad places. And he said the one thing he thought was common to them was that their parents hadn’t a clue or didn’t give a shit.
It’s horrific, that poor girl, that poor family.


Lovely theory @fitzy. Unfortunately, it’s a pile of shit. This kid comes from what everyone says is a ‘lovely family’. With lovely parents who very definitely do give a shit. All the kids think he’s one of the nicest kids in the class apparently.


Yeah I would not congratulate myself too much. Raising kids is a tightrope and sometimes people fall. Nobody raises a child to 13 to do this. It’s another tragedy and family destroyed and people pointing fingers at the parents would not do it where a child killed themselves as that parent lacking something.


He may even have tried to reach out to one of his former friends who decided to stay away from him as he was in a ‘very bad place’.


If they’re such a nice family you’d think they’d have a word and persuade him to admit what he’s done. Assuming he did it of course.


Are some kids just born evil?


There is hardly a playbook to deal with this. I have no idea what i would do in that situation. It may be completely different to what their mother may want to do. They will be speaking to experts who can advise and assist. He may well plead guilty but nobody knows what is going on.

It is a sickening act that was done. The details I was told are horrific. To find your kid has carried that out must shake your very sense of self and everthing you believe in to the core.


Yes. No doubt about it. The most of them are from Kilkenny.


We are all capable of good and evil. In right circumstances and triggers anybody can do anything.

Do you think a whole generation of Germans were born evil.


Of course people are going to say that Juhy.
I dont know anything about the family and I doubt any of us do.
I’m talking in general terms about society as a whole and how I see many people doing a really shit job if parenting.
Think about what this young lad has done. The actual crime itself. How long it would have taken. The rage it would have come from. The physical brutality of it.
Saying he’s from a nice family doesn’t cut it. There’s clearly serious underlying issues there.


A whole generation of German 13 year olds didn’t beat, rape and murder female contemporaries mate




I suppose i’ll defer to a fella sitting on the other side of the world saying ‘it must be the parent’s fault’ cos my 15 year old told me.