Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


No, most murders are not cold, calculating events where the perpetrator has no remorse.

Brothers are not the same nature (DNA), unless they are identical twins. It’s a very complex subject but the various traits of a psychopath are probably 50:50 genes and environment, but in terms of brain development it’s difficult or maybe impossible to separate the two. The easiest way to understand genetics is that it’s a recipe for how an organism develops, with a lot of variation depending on environment. The basic wiring problem where emotions like empathy are completely lacking appears to be entirely genetic, but the personality traits could be better or worse depending on environment.




The Galway lads at each other’s throats. Order is restored.


We’re fierce upset at the increasingly likely prospect of not leathering into you cunts this year.


After a lucky one point win last year I doubt anyone involved with Galway that actually know anything about hurling want to meet tipp again.


Would love to meet you cunts in the AI final this year


Careful of what you wish for.


Lads, one thread or the other. I’m finding it very hard to multi task here


Don’t bother Mike. You’re obsessed at this stage.


Yis are all banjaxed. Your only hope is for @Robert_Emmet to get rid of the border. Then you can join the north and live together in peace and harmony


No mention yet of an 18 year old lad getting murdered in Louth. Seems a fairly bizarre one with no much info coming forward. No hysteria like with the previous 2 murders recently which is a bit weird.


If he’s male and white, nobody cares mate.


Was thinking the same. It was weirdly reported.


They were too busy celebrating the introduction of abortion to report fully on it


You’re right. Oireland is a failed society inching more and more towards the culture and ideals of our chavvy neighbors across the water. So many angry, entitled assholes here now. I’m really stunned with the landslide victory in the abortion referendum, and the gleeful way these sheep have celebrated it in Dublin on the news. Mothers with small kids in their arms crying that abortion is legalized and women now have a “choice” and “equality”. They were chanting in unison mothers and their kids that abortion has been brought in. There’s something incredibly wrong in that. Facebook has done a lot of harm to society here.


Great post


Killed and left in a field in front of loads of witnesses

fuckin hell

I might join @Chucks_Nwoko in Brisvegas


So in a little over a week we’ve had a random young woman picked off the street and murdered, a 13 year old charged with murdering and doing god knows what else to a 14 year old, and now a young lad murdered in front of a group of people and no one has come forward. Fuckin hell.


We’ll need you out before Origin '19.


Its like the last days of Rome now.
The country has broken free from the dark shadows of the Catholic church but maybe hurtling into the abyss in its attempts to do so.