Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


A lot to happen in a ‘fortnite’


all that in the same week a million Oirish people voted to allow women murder their unborn babies


Horrible, looks like a grand pleasant young fella. It would make your blood boil looking at the gangs of young cunts walking around the streets of every half decent-sized town in the country these days, just looking to agitate and aggravate at every opportunity…the exact same type of cowardly cunts that killed this poor chap and left his body in a field.


I remember this case of the bookie being murdered in Kildare looking for information on Crimeline around 17 or 18 years ago. I wonder what 2016 murder the suspect is linked with?


It’s become a conspiracy theory almost, but Noirin O’Sullivan (back) at Disclosures Tribunal or Disclosures Tribunal revelations often = high level Garda press release and interviews about progress on a high profile and/or historic unsolved murder case.


Curious number of “breakthroughs” have been announced in a series of old cases on the days that certain individuals appear at the Charleton Tribunal…


Man murdered in his home in Cork by intruders.


Looks like the beat the shit out of his missus as well and left her in a very bad way.

It’s a pity that an ARU doesn’t happen on these cunts and put them down like the rabid vermin they are


That’s not fair on dogs.


Would rabid vermin be better?


sign in to fuck @caoimhaoin will ya…
the cottage outside ballincollig has me spooked here


phew… just saw the dead man is Polish




That’s actually Ballinora not Ballincollig. Half a mile from home


He’s been named. Particularly vicious attack apparently, know anything about him?


The death rate amongst Eastern Europeans in this country must be off the charts. Per head of population they’d be safer at home


This doesn’t look like normal vodka fuelled murder. Could well be a murder by a certain ethnicity, that isn’t Eastern European.


What’s astonishing is Graun cops are covering it. None in Ballincollig

Must be a fuel type thing. They went there with purpose


Never seen Graun/Grawn/Gurraun written down before, strange one that’s always spoken in short but written down in full cc @Ambrose_McNulty


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