Murders in Ireland - Or it may not be Ireland, we're not sure, check back later


I reckon you know more low lifes than me.


Doubtful. I’m asking about these Polish savages. Why are they such vicious animals?


It’s ;like this… A lot of the dregs are ran out of the country. So they go to Engerland and Oireland. becasue over here they get policed properly with zero tolerance. back home it’s a doddle for these cunts.


A bit like the dregs we send to Australia.


Yeah, the Irish are murdering eachother on a regular basis in Australia :roll_eyes:


Are they? Hadn’t heard.

My point still stands.


I haven’t found out where @Chucks_Nwoko lives yet.


Twenty34 mate. Thanks be to fuck, there are no polish.


I’m messing mate. Agree about the Poles




Nah they just rip people off.


Eh, I think they do that in Ireland too mate.


Gardai think the gang that attacked the polish lad and his wife with a machete are irish.


It said they spoke fluent English.

That rules out a certain ethnic group.


That rules out everyone except south county Dubliners.


They are travellers from the Northside.

It’s the lads on the video from a few months ago shooting in the air I am led to believe.

Everyone is stumped though, there really doesn’t seem to be a connection.

But travellers on coke is a dangerous new development. Cops in Northside at their wits end stopping a massive war.

This lads kid went to my old school and it’s a nosey little busy body parish, but absolutely nobody knows of any connection according to cops


They dont turn up at 3am to hack you up for no reason, mate. In his line of work, maybe he was doing a little bit of buying at cheap rates - tools / garden ware etc. but lines were crossed somewhere.


Yeah,it was definitely something personal.



That’s a fabulous scene.